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Interdisciplinary Center For Research on Violence
Changing Systems To Prevent Violence in Chicago and Beyond

3040 Behavioral Sciences Building
1007 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Ethics in Violence Seminar
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Mission Statement

UIC 2010 Seed Grant funds will be used to support Center-related activities that together will develop the necessary infrastructure to promote and support ongoing interdisciplinary work in the area of violence. In addition we aim to go beyond our current membership to bring together practitioners, policy makers, and other UIC researchers dedicated to preventing violence in Chicago and beyond. By collaborating with community partners, the relevance and immediate impact of the Centerís research will be greatly enhanced.

The UIC Center for Research on Violence is being proposed to better understand and address the problems that violence creates for individuals, families, and communities. The proposed Center will explore violence from an ecological perspective, focusing on systemsí responses and community factors relevant to the maintenance and prevention of violence. This perspective is broad enough to encompass the different theoretical approaches currently used by Center members while also allowing for the broadening of perspectives. To this end, the mission of Center will be to create a truly collaborative environment, which promotes the interdisciplinary generation, diffusion, and utilization of knowledge in the study and prevention of violence. In pursuing its mission, the Center will undertake several projects that together will create an infrastructure to promote the kinds of interdisciplinary investigations that are needed to have an impact upon the fields of criminal justice, social work, psychology, public health, occupational therapy, African-American studies, gender studies, healthcare, etc. as they relate to violence and its prevention.


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