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Contact Information



Key Areas of Research


Marc Atkins Psychiatry   email
Donna Baptiste Gender and Women's Studies   email
Carl C. Bell Psychiatry Violence prevention, witnessing violence, trauma email
Larry W. Bennett Social Work Batterers, drugs, substance abuse email
Bob Boehmer Center for Research on Law and Justice   email
Bette Bottoms LAS, Psychology Child Maltreatment, children’s eye witness testimony email
Corey Capers Violence prevention, witnessing violence, trauma email
Edna Erez Criminal Justice   email
Lisa Frohmann LAS/Criminal Justice   email
Paul J. Goldstein Epidemiology and Biostatistics Drugs and violence, homicide, victimization email
Rebecca E. Gordon LAS/Office of Women’s Affairs Advocacy for victims of IPV, peer education, stalking, social norms email
Anthony Halford Office of the Vice Chancellor   email
Tonda Hughes College of Nursing   email
Heather Imrie Campus Advocacy Network   email
Edwin Johnson Chicago Public Schools   email
Candice Kane Chicago Project for Violence Prevention   email
Anthony Laden   email
Tom Lyons Great Cities Institute   email
Mark A. Mattaini Social Work Youth violence prevention, collective violence, science of nonviolent social action email
Robin Mermelstein Psychology/Institute for Health Research and Policy   email
Patricia O'Brien Social Work Violence Against Women and Women Offenders email
Jordan Pierce Applied Health Sciences   email
Beth Richie LAS/African-American Studies Women of color and violence, Black feminism, women in prison email
Stephanie Riger LAS/Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies   email
Heather Risser ICRV Child maltreatment, trauma, violence prevention, parenting email
Dennis P. Rosenbaum LAS/Criminal Justice   email
Paul A. Schewe LAS/Psychology Prevention, sexual assault, teen dating violence, domestic violence, early interventions email
Amie Schuck LAS/Criminal Justice Community crime prevention, child victimization, homicide email
Barbara Simmons College of Nursing Graduate nursing program in forensics email
Maggie Stevenson Social Psychology   email
Marsha Streby Center for Research on Law and Justice   email
Sharon Telleen Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy Violence prevention in neighborhoods email
Sarah E. Ullman LAS/Criminal Justice Sexual assault, trauma, PTSD, and women's substance abuse email
Carole Warshaw Domestic Violence Mental Policy Initiative   email
Valerie Werner CUPPA- Urban & Public Affairs   email
Tisha Wiley Social Psychology   email



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