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The goals and objectives of the UIC Center for Research on Violence

Goal 1
Develop an infrastructure to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in violence research on the UIC campus.

Objective 1a
Develop a monthly meeting and seminar series to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and the sharing of ideas between faculty members, local practitioners, and policy-makers on topic related to violence and violence prevention.

Objective 1b
Develop a mentoring/training program for UIC students, post-docs, and new faculty.

Objective 1c
Develop interdisciplinary coursework.

Objective 1d
Synthesize existing UIC data on violence.

Goal 2
Identify obstacles to collaborating between departments and colleges on campus and develop strategies to address these obstacles to promote future interdisciplinary collaborative work.

Goal 3
Develop 2-3 interdisciplinary proposals for external funding each year.


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